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The level of achievements attained in the implementation of the various national programmes for control / eradication of diseases and also of family welfare programme including universal immunisation programme and maternal and child health activities has helped the state to reduce the mortality rates and improve the health status of the people. The maternal mortality rate, Life expectancy has enhanced especially that of females to over 73 years. Today the infant mortality rate is as low as 16 and the maternal mortality is below 1, which are comparable to that of some of the developed countries. In 1995 the crude death rate is as low as 6, and the per school child mortality rate is also quite low. In 1991 the general fertility rate was 64.4 and in 1995 the birth rate have reduced to 17.7. The total fertility rate is as low as 1.8 in Kerala by 1992 itself which is the lowest among all the major states in the country. Under all major indicators, the state has already achieved what the country has targeted for achieving "Health for all by 2000 AD".